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HORUS – ENERGIA solution for coal mines – an engine fueled by coal mine methane in Bielszowice

HORUS – ENERGIA, working for MARANI Sp. z o.o. order, has designed and manufactured a co-generating engine-compressor set fueled by Bielszowice coal mine methane.

The system was commissioned in April 2017, and during its almost 5 months of operation, it has been operating for 3250mth, which describes a very high availability and lack of exploitation problems.

Engine-compressor co-generating set simultaneously produces heat and compressed air.

The product consists of:

  • gas engine with mechanical power of about 400kW, which combusts 1,7 Nm3/min
  • air compressor with a capacity of 2560 m3/h
  • MUZG gas mixing unit, controlling fuel-air mixture parameters
  • 28kVA alternator for powering auxilliaries
  • heat exchangers with a capacity of about 600kW
  • auxiliaries 0,4 kV switchgear
  • 40’ ISO container, protected against corrosion and weather conditions, noise proofed, ATEX certified