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Energy system consisting of a two-fuel power generating unit diesel oil / natural gas GZ-50 with a capacity of 1250kVA and a multifunctional MV power output device 0.4kV/17.5kV.

The product fits perfectly into the concept of distributed energy, which is promoted and needed by the national power system. It is a specific generation source, that produces energy both during emergency situations, scheduled shutdowns, and institutional restrictions (20th level of power supply). In addition, thanks to specialized equipment, it makes it possible to fill periodic shortages of electricity at an industrial or strategic facility.

The motivation for creating the concept of a power system consisting of a dual-fuel ON/GHZ generating set and a multifunctional medium voltage power output device was the needs, formulated by customer groups, and their poor experience with the quality of service, which is the supply of electricity from local power plants. Dependence on the central energy generation and transmission system, as well as the quality and age of the infrastructure in the country, which is characterized by high sensitivity to adverse weather conditions, did not allow managers of industrial facilities to properly assess the current situation and make informed strategic decisions in the field of production. The implementation of the investment, which consists in the installation of the company’s own generating unit, significantly increases the reliability of power supply, as well as constitutes a reasonable supplement to the offer of the national power system.

The concept of distributed energy proved attractive to investors, a practical example of which is the Energy System presented by us. This system is designed for the needs of a production workshop, which is supplied with electricity with an average voltage of 17.5 kVA in the amount of 1 MW. The design (components of the system) allows operation in synchronization with the power grid – thanks to which the industrial object will not be affected by power switching between sources NETWORK – GENERATOR. In addition, the system performs the role of a multi-fuel source, which increases the degree of independence of the system from the supply of only one type of fuel, makes the fuel supply system redundant and, as a result, more reliable. The energy system thus increases the energy security of the object. It is worth noting that the possibility of powering the dual-fuel generating unit with GZ-50 gas fuel also significantly reduces operating costs, among which the cost of used fuel prevails. The purchase price of a unit of natural gas is many times lower than a unit of diesel oil, which gives an additional stimulus and an argument to make a decision to implement a power supply system in such a model.

Estimated analyzes confirm that the higher investment costs of installing a bi-fuel unit instead of a traditional diesel unit pay for themselves after about ten days of operation. The proposed solution is a kind of compromise – optimization between a typical diesel engine unit, used for short-term emergency operation, and a gas unit, dedicated to continuous operation. We think that the considered power source is suitable for such customers as: hospitals, crisis management centers, data centers, manufacturing enterprises, which operating in a continuous system. Moreover, the promoted set is a compact solution. A dual-fuel generating unit can be installed in a mobile container structure.

While the multi-function overhead air evacuation device of medium voltage is designed for outdoor operation. Thus, the entire system can be operated outdoors, without the need for further investment costs related to the construction of buildings for transformer stations.

Basic elements of the presented Energy System:

  1. Diesel generator with a capacity of 1250 kVA (PERKINS compression ignition engine), LEROY SOMER alternator, low voltage circuit breaker
  2. An additional gas path consisting of a solenoid valve, sensors, a zero pressure valve, a throttle with a control system and software
  3. Multi-functional medium voltage power take-off device manufactured by ABB, including a set of medium voltage switchgear with protection, a 0.4 kV/17.5 kV step-up transformer with a capacity of 2500 kVA, with insulating liquid type Midel 7131, enabling the synchronization of the medium voltage power system with the power grid.