To fulfill our clients’ needs, we became specialists when it comes to pack a genset and its systems inside the specialized containers of our design and production.

It allows  the equipment to be suited to the very specific client’s requirements.

Depending on our client’s need, our container enclosure can be equipped with additional systems, such as: heat recovery module, fast start, integrated load bank, exhaust gases treatment, fire extinguishing, dust traps, high stack, hot air recirculation, cable extensions, or other, almost any system.

Gensets (with or without CHP modules) are suitable for outdoors installation – no building is required. They also enable convenient transportation and moving. Container also allows any means of transportation to be used, either road, see or rail.

Horus – Energia containers may pass CSC certification, which opens a possibility to transport them in container stacks on ships, not as a special cargo.

Genset in container acts as a plug and play device – after connecting the fuel and electrical installations and refilling operating fluids, the set is ready to generate power.

Typically we use standard ISO container dimensions – 20′, 40′, 40’HC, but on client’s request on in special cases, we can produce a container with different dimensions.

The container enclosure enables noise reduction to a level of 79dB at 7m, but it’s possible to reach even 65 dB at 1m.

The container’s interior grants an easy service access to any crucial areas, without a need to dismount any parts.

The container enclosure is typically equipped with gas detection system (control panel and sensors), which cooperates with gas shut-off and ventilation systems.

The detection system monitors methane content inside the container, and depending on the level it deploys the right countermeasure: alarm, shutdown, ventilation, fuel shut-off.

All of the above makes the container enclosure for gensets a safe and reliable solution.