Hydrogen, called by many people the fuel of the future, is already becoming the fuel of the present. Horus-Energia is a company that contributes to the energy transition by providing opportunities to use hydrogen as a store of green energy. We have nearly a decade of experience in operating hydrogen-powered reciprocating engines. Now hydrogen storage tanks are also being added to our portfolio. Sets of tanks can be interconnected by stacking them both one on each other and in parallel. As a company, we are also able to provide the armature needed to use the tanks. It is possible to purchase the product as well as rent it.



Storage pressure 39 [bar(g)]
Water capacity (for the set) 47 [m3]
Diameter of connections DN50 PN63 according to PN-EN 1092-1
Weight (for the set) 17200 [kg]
Material P460NL1
Standard EN 13445
Number of tanks in the set 4
Dimensions of the frame base 12192 x 2438 [mm]
Maximum number of sets in the vertical 3
Maximum dimensions (for the whole set) without piping Length 13150 [mm]
Width 2530 [mm]
Height 2896 [mm]
Amount of stored hydrogen when expanding to 0 bar pressure 148 [kg]
1646 [Nm3]
Amount of stored hydrogen when expanding to a pressure of 6 bar* 125 [kg]
1388 [Nm3]

* Pressure of 6 bar is required to maintain proper operation of Horus-Energia hydrogen cogeneration unit

Contact: h2@horus-energia.pl

„Hydrogen storage tank with capacity over 1600 m3”