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During standard coal mining, methane is also released in the mines.  In Polish mines, this figure even reaches 1 billion m3, and only ¼ goes to the methane drainage plant, the rest is released into the atmosphere.  This is an organic chemical compound without odor and color, which is used, among other things, as fuel gas. When combined with air, it creates an explosive mixture, so proper handling with it, both in working and inactive mines, are very important.

CMM – Coal Mine Methane

Methane, which is forming during the operation of mines, is called CCM, Coal Mine Methane. It not only poses a serious threat to the miners but also to other crews in the area. Connecting with the air and entering in the atmosphere, it negatively affects on climate and also contributes to global warming. According to the physical and chemical properties of methane, its influence on the deterioration of the greenhouse effect is 21 times stronger than the influence of CO2. Therefore, the modernization of units not only increases the key aspect of work in the mine – the safety of miners and the surrounding area, but also contributes to the protection of the natural environment. In addition, direct emissions of mine gas into the atmosphere are also significant losses, and its energy use must be part of the energy transformation.


During many years, we have been dealing with and successfully retrofitting standard natural gas generators to run on this spent fuel. Horus Energia generators helps to reduce methane emissions into the atmosphere. How? Our electricity generators contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and allow the production of electricity using methane, which in any case would have been produced as a result of mining activities, which were held both in the past and today. Horus Energy offers assistance at the design stage, as well as at subsequent stages, including delivery, installation and commissioning. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive service.