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For about 10 years, on each editition of POLEKO fair Horus Energia shows new technological solutions based on CHP or Power gensets, which allow to generate energy from renewable fuels.

Solutions presented by us are a result of current market trends needs for pro-ecological installations or are an incentive for new development routes in CHP business. Products exhibited at fair are a response for demands of new market segments of renewable energy sources for ex. installations dedicated to small agricultural biogas plants or gensets developed with polish research institutions for ex. gensets powered with waste fuels or gases created from waste. Taking care of promotion of our solutions and products we take part in competitions such as Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair. Last two editions of POLEKO fair in 2012 and 2013 brought us two Golden Medals./

In 2012 we presented a biogas CHP unit, type HE-EC-99/129-MG99-B, with 99kW of electrical and 129 kW of thermal power output, in container. A solution developed for new, small agricultural biogas plants.

In this year’s edition of POLEKO we showed a CHP genset, type HE-SEC-200/242-MG200-S, powered with waste hydrogen fuel, with 160 kW of electrical and 242 kW of thermal power output.

This unit is produced for chemical and coke coal plants. It can be powered with hydrogen, coke cola gas, natural gas and other post-chemical-process gases. CHP genset was manufactured by PPUH „HORUS-ENERGIA” Sp. z o.o. as a part „SKOTAN” S.A. Project, in cooperation with Cracow University of Technology. What is remarkable it gained an increase of efficiency when powered with natural gas when comparing to a standard unit based on this engine.