We offer generator sets powered by diesel fuel with power ranging from 9.5 kWe to 2500 kWe. Complete installations may consist of up to 32 units operating in a parallel synchronisation mode.

The devices we offer are equipped with engines with the following characteristics:

  • turbocharged
  • with very high durability
  • with liquid cooling
  • operating at 150 rpm
  • with an electric generator
  • synchronous with high efficiency brushless
  • self-excited
  • self-regulated
  • with internal silencing systems


  • open (with no housing)
  • in a housing protected from weather conditions
  • container housing with sound attenuation
  • weather-resistant
  • in a housing adapted for installation on a rolling chassis
  • in a housing allowing for silent operation, which is required at some places, e.g. film sets
  • together with complete equipment of power generator rooms, including ventilation systems, tanking systems, etc.
  • “turnkey” system


  • continuous
  • in a storage power station mode
  • reserve
  • parallel with the power grid
  • island-like operation


  • explosion protection
  • fire protection
  • electric shock protection
  • full monitoring of generator set operation is possible