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پروژه های اجرا شده


پروژه های اجرا شده

We have the pride of presenting the longest reference list in the sector in Poland, which includes of 1500 facilities with a total power of 400 000 kVA, 80% of listed project involved specialist installation.

The largest organisations have put their trust in us, including:

  • Polish and foreign companies (e.g.: Orlen, Motorola,
    Elektrobudowa, Elektroskandia, Pol-Aqua, Budimex,
  • telecommunications companies (Orange, Netia, PTC)
  • state administration, the army, the police, the border guard
  • institutions providing services for communities (e.g. hospitals
    and medical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, landfill sites,
    heating plants)
  • hypermarkets (e.g.: MetroAG, Carrefour, Castorama, IKEA)

مولدهای مان که در لهستان نصب شده


قدرت جمعی

401000 kVA

مولدهای مان که خارج ار کشور نصب شده


قدرت جمعی

350000 kVA

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